I prefer music over silence when studying

as I walk, I can see people wearing headphone listening to the MP3s
*of course at hostel*
what can I say, music has become a part of life

I do some research about this
and the results are:

BUT, when it comes to study with music, the best way is to listen to music with no words, like classical, or even music that is familiar so that there is no longer thought involved. *Good news to the KOREANHOLIC, kan kan*. Studying this way with music keeps the focus on studying and not on the words or the beats of the music. It will turn becomes the background of studying and no longer in competition.

it's proven now that studying with music isn't a wrong habit.
but i do know how to use it
if we are studying some facts like History, PAI and BIO (NO MUSIC)
but when it comes to exercise or MATHS (YESSSSSSS)

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