Eldaterra, after we received the most happiest news until we shed our tears
now, we received the most shocking news EVER, and we shed our tears
it is not a LIFE when there is no OBSTACLES :'(
but can we go through the OBSTACLES given strongly?
insyaALLAH, we can.

(picture:credit to syaza)
Allahyarhamah Siti Hajar Muhad Salleh
29th December 2009
3.00 AM

it is unbelievable that she's gone, forever
we acknowledged that He works in mysterious ways.

Hajar, a cheerful friend that I ever known in SSP
a brilliant and a bright person too,
and now, I've lost my birthday-mate forever :'|
You will be always situated in our minds
and you are always be part of my stories that I'll keep forever
you are always one of us, ELDATERRA.
Thanks for the great memories :'(

Eldaterra and SSPians, let's pray for her:
"Ya Allah, Kau tempatkan lah rakanku Siti Hajar Mohd Salleh
dalam kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Amin~"
may your soul rest in peace.

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