0320 AM

I became more hungrier and starving
and yet, I had to go to the kitchen and turned on the electronic cooker to boil some water
I took out one maggi cup (curry)
YES, first step = completed
while waiting for the boiling water, I ripped off the plastic, *here we go

no one seemed to be online in Myspace right now, where did you go huh?
and in my YM list, there was NO ONE appeared as available
am I the only creature that alive in this moment? tsk
today, passed as usual :)

oh, highlights for tomorrow:
watch - reversal of fate at 3.30pm
- let's go! Dream Team season 2 at 6.15pm
- also not to forget, Boys Over Flower at 8.30pm

last words?
I would like to say "SME suck"
everyone knows that I think, hahaaa, for people who didn't understand
ah, forget about it, tha--

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