listen here

i feel tired
enough with what have we got through
give us a rest
ELDATERRA, dear friends
let be tough girls
we have to be strong
we know we can't go back to the past and fix the mistakes
i know if we have the chances to fix it
me, myself would like to do it
if there's a vote about life
i know everyone want life before we finished our PMR
but dear friends, listen to me
always remember that
just for now
take a deep breathe and pray to ALLAH so that He can gives us strength
to go through His test
just cheer up and enjoy our life here
to nath, dayout, uyaq and wanie
once you entered this school as Eldaterra
all of you will be forever Eldaterra
just promise us that you guys will be a good girl out there OK?!
and keep the greatest memories here with you!

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