class for next year

i am a 4 Intelek student
even though it was the last class
but the presence of these person
  • fatin zuhra
  • sarah aqilah
  • naddy
  • nasuha
  • farhana
  • ira syamira
  • pipot
haha, the rest i totally forgot :)
haha, don't get mad eh
i've made calculation on the day that i've known about my number in batch
according to THAT, i am supposed to be in ELIT or RESTU
but unfortunately, next year, TEKUN will be taken as ART STREAM
annnnnnnnnnnndddddddd so,
my calculation is totally can't be used

by the way, nadhirah azizan is my desk-mate :D
ps:// kau jgn tido! nnti aku tertido gak wei :)))

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