be tough BRO

haha, long time no see
doesn't mean i didn't know anything :)
i've read at mom's blog that
you have kinda a big trouble

so, here i want to say
"bobo, just believe in God! He works in mysterious way, like i said :)
and also, if you can't be a pilot, like what you always wanted,
but at least you can be what mom always wanted - a dentist :D
cool lah"

that what i wanted to say to him, haha
seeing Form 5 in my school having a big day
and having the very last time in place that called SCHOOL
are really make me also touched :')
like what have been written by Hlovate - Tunas :)
the feeling after the school year over

annnddddd soo i am here
my year as a Form 3 will be ended soon
i can tell you how much i will missed this year of 2009
and oh!

BOBO, i want to use COMPUTER 24/7
at home ok!

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