the title 'tangkap cik maria'

haha, seriously, i just found it
BONGEK gilaaa, this is what we called
malay + english
this song was sang by FT - Island
but the owner of this video translate it into misheard lyrics
fortunately she didn't get any bashing comments from FT-Island's fan **pheww
enjoy the video peeps!


here we come, DANG

i still remember when i first came to my current school, sekolah seri puteri when i am 14, yet my mind was empty with songs, for examples, english songs
at home, my brother is the one the computer maniac --____--''
at that time i really don't know about Myspace, MP3, Facebook, Youtube and even Blogging :'(
how sad, right? hahaaa
and so, when there was leisure time, i tend to sing nursery rhimes, know what? I EVEN SANG THE NURSERY RHIMES WRONGLY :(

The Real Version:
Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!
One for the master, one for the dame,
And one for the little boy who lives down the lane.

Baa baa black sheep, have have you bring any wood?
yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!
one for my master and one for my dang
and one for the little boy crying in the leg

so, this is what we called 'hantam pi'
duh, i can't re-called my mind what i have learnt during kindergarten
except one thing, PUNISHMENT that i've received :(
here we go:

in 1998 at Tadika Seri Cahaya, Shah Alam
during English classes, we learnt how to be a polite girl/boy
the teacher gave us 2 examples words 'keep quiet' and 'shut up'
and the teacher taught bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaa

we bring our lunch box and ate in our classroom
it WAS REALLY noisy and i shouted out loud
i thought it will succeed by making them shut their mouth up
yes i did but i did it wrongly --_____--''
by the time i shouted, the English teacher came and straightly came towards me
and warned me
"Class, 'shut up' is not proper to be used, what should we say?"
and the class together said
"Keep quiet" echoing, *i'm annoyed
what should i do? the drama in the movies always said 'shut up',
and now, i can make a difference between these two words :D
-the end-


you're beautiful

currently i am watching at the 15th episode
it is almost come to an end :(
aigoo aigooo, such a drama!


eldaterra photoshoot teaser had been released :D

teaser only :D

girls, leave the
go this website, i can replace allkpop
but it will be changed to eldatpop
click to see clearly :D
ELDATERRA THE FOLLY: the first part
keep in touch, there's more :DD

PS: please wait until 25-12-2009
the ELDATERRA album will be released completely :D
so, sabo yeh

the small small person :D

here we go, the small person, puhahahahha :))

assyfa ariffin.
20th December
the stalker, i'll tell you why, later

a friend that always accompanied me
stayed-up late at night until 5.00 am
totally we are using the Yahoo Messenger :D
but unfortunately, she'll can't accompanied me for days
she'll be off to kampung
so, i think i can't stayed-up until 5.00++am :(
yeah yeah, i scared when i am alone during midnight

*the stalker topic
haha, Myspace issues
i wrongly spelled her name to assfa ariffin
and at my profile, still wrongly spelled blospot

here a message for her:
Hyung-nim, kamsahamida :)

:D :D :D

new hero arrived today. yay!
how can i say like that, no no, bad girl
their first debut song entitled Bad Girl
by the way:

Name : Dong Woon
Status: Magnae of Beast

in this blog, they are mine
girls, BACK OFF :D

dedicated to farah arshad :D

i found a good quote for you :D
i thought i want to give it to you,
since you have been helping me a lot lately
haha, but i think you can keep this quote and give it to your y***r
haha, here we go:

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

how was it?
sesuai ngn kwn kau yg nk kubur sblh kau tuh :DD


my wish list

yes, an electronic drum-set
last time i saw, it cost RM 200++
it's ok, i'll save my money for that


i went to THE HOUSE



haha, at first we went to the Mines to find the new cooker
and after we bought the new electronic cooker, we tend to walk in THE HOUSE
haha, one word ; WOW
and at last
we went to the toys r'us
and found an electronic drum cost RM 200 ++

and so, dad asked me to choose keyboard or drum
and i said DRUM :)
haha, JAMMING :D


the drama

hello :)
yes, it is our title for drama
the story begins when a woman named Anna
mixed fruit cake in her new perfume and test it
without knowing the result.
when she applied the perfume at herself
she will be the center of attraction among guys
including her boss, the one who always want to have a fight with Anna

Anna - Adila
James Armstrong - Farah Naimah
Mother - Zarith
Aunt Mimi - Asmida
Waiter - Maria :)


all 3 Restu members

last but not least i would like to say something :)
thanks to all!
we all were having much FUN
even though we faced conflicts in doing this drama
we ignored all things that will interrupt our preparation
haha, even the eye-infection cases almost
make our actress "DIE"
but anyways, i enjoyed that time :D

back stage :D

the portrait of the crew :D


maria & natrah :)

me & yana :)

haha, waiter & aunt mimi

cypa, nani & mrsyq

hadirah as waitress

payein as Sabina

the make up artist :D

the final preparations
thanks guys for helping .


class for next year

i am a 4 Intelek student
even though it was the last class
but the presence of these person
  • fatin zuhra
  • sarah aqilah
  • naddy
  • nasuha
  • farhana
  • ira syamira
  • pipot
haha, the rest i totally forgot :)
haha, don't get mad eh
i've made calculation on the day that i've known about my number in batch
according to THAT, i am supposed to be in ELIT or RESTU
but unfortunately, next year, TEKUN will be taken as ART STREAM
annnnnnnnnnnndddddddd so,
my calculation is totally can't be used

by the way, nadhirah azizan is my desk-mate :D
ps:// kau jgn tido! nnti aku tertido gak wei :)))

be tough BRO

haha, long time no see
doesn't mean i didn't know anything :)
i've read at mom's blog that
you have kinda a big trouble

so, here i want to say
"bobo, just believe in God! He works in mysterious way, like i said :)
and also, if you can't be a pilot, like what you always wanted,
but at least you can be what mom always wanted - a dentist :D
cool lah"

that what i wanted to say to him, haha
seeing Form 5 in my school having a big day
and having the very last time in place that called SCHOOL
are really make me also touched :')
like what have been written by Hlovate - Tunas :)
the feeling after the school year over

annnddddd soo i am here
my year as a Form 3 will be ended soon
i can tell you how much i will missed this year of 2009
and oh!

BOBO, i want to use COMPUTER 24/7
at home ok!


wishes to brother :D

BOBO, wish you best of luck

make mom & dad PROUD OF YOU

  • don't get cold
  • don't stay-up until late night
  • have a good sleep
  • take your breakfast
  • perform your prayer perfectly and pray to Allah

so, you need to trust Allah at this time because He works in mysterious way :)

believe that.


credit to fawa


maria, atiqah, fawa and lala. mcm fawa ckp "the best part of MAJAKA"

i brought them to history room to show them our painting :)

haha, gerai PBSM

maria & fawa di gerai handball

yes, this is during MAJAKA ;)
thanks to everyone
i am totally enjoy this event!

haha, maria & hanani, after losing the game, we were dating with the basketball :)

haha. i'm acting lik @#$%^&*
by the way, thanks FAWA because you had been a great photographer on that day :)
mine? low battery :(


hoi, i am having a GREATEST feeling!
illya couldn't come :(
but, atiqah & lala have make my day!
thanks babe!
i'll post about it later since i have no pictures
but, i'll updated later
the most important thing is when i enter haunted house
i keep screaming "JGN SENTUH AKU"
haha, i scared :')


in a good mood

why? ahha, illya told me something :)
she said, she'll come to MAJAKA and she has a surprise for me
haha, i can tell you how excited i am to hear that
it has been a long time to see illya and atiqah
i am glad that you'll visit me :)
eventhough, the computer that i am using now is totally get in my nerve -.-"
haha, slow mo sgt!
mom & dad, i miss you :D hhahaa


mom & dad

tomorrow, i'll off to tasik depan skolah
we'll be watching boat racing :)
don't worry about me because i can swim, haha
by the way
we have stick together for 3 years!
illya, atiqah, amir and all
i can't wait for you guys to come to my school!!
hope you guys will made it!


listen here

i feel tired
enough with what have we got through
give us a rest
ELDATERRA, dear friends
let be tough girls
we have to be strong
we know we can't go back to the past and fix the mistakes
i know if we have the chances to fix it
me, myself would like to do it
if there's a vote about life
i know everyone want life before we finished our PMR
but dear friends, listen to me
always remember that
just for now
take a deep breathe and pray to ALLAH so that He can gives us strength
to go through His test
just cheer up and enjoy our life here
to nath, dayout, uyaq and wanie
once you entered this school as Eldaterra
all of you will be forever Eldaterra
just promise us that you guys will be a good girl out there OK?!
and keep the greatest memories here with you!