the struggle had come to an end

haha, we the form 3 student were finally had been declared as ex-pmr-candidate
and we had our freedom the whole day,
upon reaching to the dorm, all of us walked as happy as monkeys,
why not? books, handouts, exercises and stayed-up = we finally can wave our hand!
as we walked, we keep talking about our planning after this. *tingting*
before we went to the hostel, we went to Surau and recite Yasiin as we want to be grateful
"ALHAMDULLILAH, thank you Allah for giving us, a good health"
as we stepped our feet at the gate, we realised something
the joyness that we had through all this year.
no one can undestand the value of being together as one
we can see each of us strugling and helping each other for just one reason
we want to suceed together!
when we entered the dorm, you can see how desperately we were
lying down on the bed like there were no more tomorrow
just imagine it, when some of us went dorm by dorm and asked
believe me, no one will answered that question,
haha, i can tell you that most of us were heading to the woter cooler
to get some hot water for our MAGGI. :)
haha, what i want to say here is
be grateful on what you are having right now.
REASON: you know why :)

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