i'm 'sick'

i'll be back to school tomorrow
no worries :)


ah, i'm going back school today
i thought the activities after PMR could be MORE fun since we had spent our time mostly in front of books
unfortunately, the activities after PMR are AGAIN based on books -,-"
if only i get my MP3 back, at least i will enjoy my days here.
just be ready, we will make another plan!


these are what we called 'arts'

this is mine :) it shows here 'world war 3'

this is also mine, shows a ghost, at first i want to draw a girl
but i ended it up with drawing her hairs too long -,-"

hanani's, haha, a sunset or sunrise, me myself don't know either :D

wafi's, yes, the word 'bored' shows how bored she was that night during preparation class

mine; haha, this is the last art that i made, hands of us, i've warned everyone to behave
but hanani didn't listen to me, haih!

the hunger

by looking at it, you may know that we were starving!
believe it or not, we finished it just in 5 minutes (minus 2 minutes)
i've told you, we had top-upped our hunger :)
yeah, we are human, same like all of you.
we ate maggi immediately after we finished our last paper! ^^

i'm home :)

now i can say about freedom

there's a lots-lots-lots things that had happened
the rules are getting harder to be obeyed -.-"
and also we are currently busy with our drama and programs after PMR
we have to do 2 dramas, they are BM and BI
this competition is between classes based on our new literature component :)
by acting, we will understand and will memorize it better than reading
so, the competition will be on next-next Monday(BM) and Tuesday(BI)
while we are busy make the preparations, me and my friends have a better idea
our mission, the important one = the diet is ON
yesterday, we were on our sports attire and we were on the track
we were playing ICE-AND-WATER
i can tell you how childish we were yesterday, as we stepped our feet at the field
we tend to chose who will be the one to say ICE
we do OSOM
unfortunately, the "lucky" person was me :(
i chased them as fast as i could, at first, i managed to make cypa and wafi froze
but i was totally forgot about nani for a while

because i was too happy, i reclined on the grass happily
without noticing that nani was quietly lent a hand to them -.-"
so, i started it AGAIN, chasing them crazily and screaming like hell
seriously that evening was fine but i realized that my stamina was not good anymore
i tend to stop in the middle when i was running, this is a bad sign, haha

i passed my role to wafi because i was extremely exhausted!*-*
by the way, after we stopped, we can feel back-ache!
why not? we were not doing the 'warming-up'
until today i can tell you that the pain still on my back :)

look at the sky fellas!

we ended our game, here.
and yes, we had a really fun-time.


the struggle had come to an end

haha, we the form 3 student were finally had been declared as ex-pmr-candidate
and we had our freedom the whole day,
upon reaching to the dorm, all of us walked as happy as monkeys,
why not? books, handouts, exercises and stayed-up = we finally can wave our hand!
as we walked, we keep talking about our planning after this. *tingting*
before we went to the hostel, we went to Surau and recite Yasiin as we want to be grateful
"ALHAMDULLILAH, thank you Allah for giving us, a good health"
as we stepped our feet at the gate, we realised something
the joyness that we had through all this year.
no one can undestand the value of being together as one
we can see each of us strugling and helping each other for just one reason
we want to suceed together!
when we entered the dorm, you can see how desperately we were
lying down on the bed like there were no more tomorrow
just imagine it, when some of us went dorm by dorm and asked
believe me, no one will answered that question,
haha, i can tell you that most of us were heading to the woter cooler
to get some hot water for our MAGGI. :)
haha, what i want to say here is
be grateful on what you are having right now.
REASON: you know why :)