now, i really really agreed with one of A. SAMAD SAID's poem
it is about THE DEAD CROW
this morning (still at the hostel)
i woke up as usual and i tend to look at my bed's port
&& noticing a dead crow on the floor with it's body had been separated!!
poor you! BAD CAT!
question to the cat : "why you should eat that kind of animal under my bed? disgusting!"

oh, one night before we went back home
the prefect candidates started theirs duty
now, we know that we grew up (finally)
carrying a lot of responsibilities ;)
advices: be a good person!
hey, i am not applying those!
me & aishah talked about being left alone
gaga, never mind, it is time to have some personal time and be more matured, kn?
haha, well, i'm still thinking about that.

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