alhamdulillah, let's thank to ALLAH the ALMIGHTY
because we already have this opportunities
to celebrate our 52 th MERDEKA
our new motto "1 malaysia"

on 31st AUGUST, on MONDAY
-,- i'll be going back to the school
right, no doubt, daily routine start AGAIN
and the waiting period has ended
RESULTS will be coming straight on TUESDAY
3 subjects left ; BI, MATHS, BM
just pray for me guys ;)

oh btw, i know how to play
teayang's song named LOOK AT ME on piano
catch me up!



eid mubarak everyone ;)
first day of fasting
at this evening : 5.22pm
still did not take my bath
heee, mls lh
can't wait for berbuke yay!
oh, to all muslim, perform our terawih ok! jgn mlss wei



now, i really really agreed with one of A. SAMAD SAID's poem
it is about THE DEAD CROW
this morning (still at the hostel)
i woke up as usual and i tend to look at my bed's port
&& noticing a dead crow on the floor with it's body had been separated!!
poor you! BAD CAT!
question to the cat : "why you should eat that kind of animal under my bed? disgusting!"

oh, one night before we went back home
the prefect candidates started theirs duty
now, we know that we grew up (finally)
carrying a lot of responsibilities ;)
advices: be a good person!
hey, i am not applying those!
me & aishah talked about being left alone
gaga, never mind, it is time to have some personal time and be more matured, kn?
haha, well, i'm still thinking about that.


sunday, 2nd of August

grr. while listening to the last farewell song
i wrote to Ramyua about me through the email
maybe she doesn't open her email box yet
this evening i'll go back to school and my usual routine start all over again

let me see
homework: done
handouts: done
study: still on it

i;ve got to study harder since my trial
that i will be having next monday on 12th August
just wish me luck, champs!


i've got one

her name is RAMYUA as written there
lives in Gyeonggi-do, korea
a girl from korean; my pen-pal
we have same interest

she said;
Hi! You are add me as your friend.
So I'm click your nickname, I send massage to you :) because I lover bigbang and super junior, too.
I love Victiry! He is so cute and he's voice is touch my soul :9
I want to know you anymore!
and I can teach your
Korean. Instead of you can teach my English, too.
I'll wait your reply ! bye~

gaha, ignore the errors that she made ;)
i'll teach her ENGLISH and she will teach me KOREAN yay!