goodbye my 3 weeks holidayy ;(

that what i should say to my bed, pillow and room
here we go, our "usual routine"
to big bang's fan ; on 2nd june they came to KL for fan-meeting
and today they were at Singapore ;)


blah blah blahhh

seriously, there's nothing to do,
tired enough to watch all the video played by Super Junior,
they are totally hilarious,
picture above?
there's no point i put the picture in this post, but, naah ignore it
there's less than 2 weeks for me to prepare for my KKS and KGT
-_____-" unfortunately, i didn't start anything YET!

12.57 pm, today i took my bath only in the evening
and did not get enough sleep, because yesterday i slept at 2.00 am
what else, watch youtube 5 hours straight, except going to the toilet, perform solat, etc
*start yawning