ssp is having a great event
what else?
Hari Kecermelangan Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (HKSBP)
fawa, kau pgi kan harini? enjoy je lah OK!
ok ok, HKSBP where all students from all SBP come to SSP
tuan rumah lah katakan.

2 week before the HKSBP
we were having mid term examination ;)
hoho -.-"
can't tell you that i stayed up until 4 am, cool isn't?
right away we took the last paper PJK
that evening on Friday, Form3 student went out to Cyberjaya
done some survey for KGT ;)
hanani, tmad and me took our lunch at Kyros Kebab which we didn't have enough money - RM0.05
to buy coca-cola :D haha

on the next day, Saturday
we had to paint the class, F3 classes which we got blue
reason; spaya F3 x mngibaskn baju wktu ptg, PANAS WOAH!
3 RESTU, under Ms.Rosmaliza stayed until 1 pm to finish the last paint ;)
at that night sspians had to paint the locker -.-" LECEH
&& kene kosong kan LOCKER, nasib baik sblah kan ;)

haha, well well, i hope HKSBP brjln dgn lancar after through the most tiring moment to prepare the preparations ;)
hoho, hope so!

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