my great trip to Kluang

on Friday morning after we perform our Subuh
we took our breakfast at Mamak Stall
and then we sent back bobo and dad
yes, only me and my mom ;)
here some picture when we were at the stall;
burung merpati were everywhere!
see, the burung merpati! gileee jammmedddddddd !

our journey just took 3 hours,
igtkan nak jamak tapi xsmpat ;(

we arrived around2.00pm
pakcik & makcik dh lamaaa smpai!
*on that evening*
back to our previous plan;
so-so, my aunt had bake a cake, love-shaped ;)

we prepared our dinner as usual,

we made fish & chip, french fries, doughnut

the making of our doughnut ;)
*on that night*
while, nabil,qilah,me and caca mengaji with Opah
moksu and the rest prepared the dinner!
here was the dishes for our dinner!
after we had done with mengaji
we all get into the room and prepared
nabil turned off the lights,
mkcik hold the cake
me play the violin: mohabbatein
mom:catching the pics
and the rest, brought theirs presents ;)

cucu-cucu opah ;)
OPAH, we love you!


Aziah said...

Here comes the kissing machine.
Cian opah kena cium dari segenap sudut.

Haa ada yang tak cuci mulut tadi eh!

maria said...

mkn pncuci mulut dh