the accident - the story of Super Junior


kyuh yun


eun hyuk


On 19.04.07 at 12:20 am,Four members of Super Junior (Shindong, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Leeteuk) and two of the group's managers became victims of a car accident. The driver lost control of the vehicle and the van flipped over on its right side, colliding with the sidewalk.

Kyuhyun, who was sitting behind the driver's seat when the accident occurred, was severely injured with a fractured hip , from broken ribs, and deep scratches and bruises. Leeteuk had severe scratches on his back and face, and had to receive stitches. He had a successful operation removing the glass shards on his back, and received a total of 170 stitches on both his back and face.

Shindong and Eunhyuk, the least injured with only a few cuts, scratches, and bruises, were both discharged on April 23, 2007. Leeteuk and Kyuhyun recovered faster than expected, and Leeteuk was discharged from the hospital on April 30, 2007. Kyuhyun was discharged two months later on July 5, 2007.


kangin, si won, kibum and heechul

kangin said;
"kibum is the youngest
as a hyung
just tell he's tired if he's tired
or sleepy when he's sleepy
but he can't
so i feel sorry.
and sometimes ,i feel Kibum is better than me
before Super Junior, when kibum was acting as Kim Kibum
he might not had ppl to lean on.
but now, when he's tired, he can always count on and lean on us members.
what i wrote is 'idiot' first, and 'you can be comfortable like others on your age'.
he seems different from his age, so i wrote that."

kibum said;
"(haha) he wrote 'idiot' on it.and 'you can be comfortable like others on your age'.
what does this mean? -.-"
honestly i could really hear what Kangin hyung said, but since i've been around him for a long time, i think i kind of know.
I think he's saying that i don't really act like someone on my age.
i don't talk a lot.
so it might be reflected like that.
honestly, i have the same thoughts and worries as others my age.
so please understand that"

"now i should talk about Siwon hyung, honestly, i'm not sure how i'm supposed to express how i feel. he's really comfortable.
so comfortable that i didn't think to observe him carefully.
i think he's really innocent and nice ;)
can he hear this?
really nice and,,he's a person that lives brightly.
Siwon can't do anything bad, since he's so soft-hearted. that's what i think but the two of us are really different. Since we grew up in different circumtances.
it's also amazing how close we are since we're so different.
in our group, i like being alone a lot.
And compared to others members, Siwon is always the first one to try to talk to me.
i'm really thankful for those things, i think that because i might have looked lonely.
Siwon is an angel :)"

Siwon said;
"this is the letter that Kibum wrote to me, he wrote 2 words 'be happy' (haha)
i think i have a positive mind and even if there's a bad situation, i try a look for the good things.
and i've told this before to Kibum ;)
so is that why he wrote this?
well, i'm glad that Kibum wrote this"



ssp is having a great event
what else?
Hari Kecermelangan Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (HKSBP)
fawa, kau pgi kan harini? enjoy je lah OK!
ok ok, HKSBP where all students from all SBP come to SSP
tuan rumah lah katakan.

2 week before the HKSBP
we were having mid term examination ;)
hoho -.-"
can't tell you that i stayed up until 4 am, cool isn't?
right away we took the last paper PJK
that evening on Friday, Form3 student went out to Cyberjaya
done some survey for KGT ;)
hanani, tmad and me took our lunch at Kyros Kebab which we didn't have enough money - RM0.05
to buy coca-cola :D haha

on the next day, Saturday
we had to paint the class, F3 classes which we got blue
reason; spaya F3 x mngibaskn baju wktu ptg, PANAS WOAH!
3 RESTU, under Ms.Rosmaliza stayed until 1 pm to finish the last paint ;)
at that night sspians had to paint the locker -.-" LECEH
&& kene kosong kan LOCKER, nasib baik sblah kan ;)

haha, well well, i hope HKSBP brjln dgn lancar after through the most tiring moment to prepare the preparations ;)
hoho, hope so!

mom's blog

gahahaa, when i was KID


goodbye KAMPUNGG

nmpak x? dihujani manusia!

penat! yesterday we had a BIG SUMO FIGHTING!
bdk2 kecik mmg ssh nk handle =.=' nevermind,
as long tulang blakang x rapuuhh!
so today is SUNDAYYY!

mean: balik rumah tu ok lagi


early in the morning,
8.00 am
after taking our breakfast
we leave the hometown

hoho-sedihh, after staying there for 3 days mean a lot!
like staying away from dust!

o-oh, know why we have to hurry?

  • bju still kat dobi
  • beli barang lagii
  • hntr bobo lagi
banyakkkkk kejee!

my great trip to Kluang

on Friday morning after we perform our Subuh
we took our breakfast at Mamak Stall
and then we sent back bobo and dad
yes, only me and my mom ;)
here some picture when we were at the stall;
burung merpati were everywhere!
see, the burung merpati! gileee jammmedddddddd !

our journey just took 3 hours,
igtkan nak jamak tapi xsmpat ;(

we arrived around2.00pm
pakcik & makcik dh lamaaa smpai!
*on that evening*
back to our previous plan;
so-so, my aunt had bake a cake, love-shaped ;)

we prepared our dinner as usual,

we made fish & chip, french fries, doughnut

the making of our doughnut ;)
*on that night*
while, nabil,qilah,me and caca mengaji with Opah
moksu and the rest prepared the dinner!
here was the dishes for our dinner!
after we had done with mengaji
we all get into the room and prepared
nabil turned off the lights,
mkcik hold the cake
me play the violin: mohabbatein
mom:catching the pics
and the rest, brought theirs presents ;)

cucu-cucu opah ;)
OPAH, we love you!