bobo in his 14 years old

back to old time; 7th Nov 2006
finally, bobo got his dream to show his face in the newspaper.
his group: GOLDTECH
won first place ;)

bobo: 4th from left

"pada usia muda, mereka mampu menunjukkan prestasi yang membanggakan"
DR. ABDUL RAHIM DAUD, President of TM Smart School


angel of mine

on this coming mother's day i would really like to celebrate it with my whole family
so on this coming overnight.
mom & my aunt had their own plansss to celebrate with opah this coming Sunday
eventhough it supposed to be on NEXT NEXT sunday but nevermind ;)
opah not in good conditions, please pray for her health ;)
i would really want to play my violin : Mohabbatein to mom & opah ;)
happy mother's day
i know it is too early ;)


choi si won

hero baru!
haha, diminta semua tgk dia dlm vid. timeless!
HENSEMMM kann dia!!!
haha, thanks kat izzah sbb kenalkn aku vid ni!
oh btw, ada translation dlm BI doh! tgk tgk tau!
by kelly clarkson & justin guarini

international bestseller

if some jerk caught a boy carrying a book with "diary" on the cover, they were gonna get the wrong idea!
a novel in cartoons by Jeff Kinney ;)

tralalaa ;)

in the morning! mom said swimming is good ;)
the mist was still there ;)
my new condo was quite OK lah ;)
stated in BALAKONG
11 o'clock we went to Kapar
ada kenduri but unfortunately
didn't bring my cam along :(
but mom bought me a novel
thnks :)


the MMA was GREATT ;


saturday, 4th of april
sime darby conversion centre
8.oo - 12.30

the traditional music was fantastic ;)
as usual band mmbrs perform 3 songs
&& then prfrmnce
dikir,dancing queen,bollywood,ramalama

nth lh xigt lh yg pnting sheikh musz ada woah!
haha, && arina mng lucky draw; microwave
ustazah sahira; "eh arina saya guru kelas kamu dulu kan"
fhm x mksd nye? haha ;)
sarah plk; ke langkawi 3 hari 2 mlm ;)

THE SECRET aku ngn aishah mnjadi mlm tu kan kan ;)