Those days - Memories from Sekolah Seri Puteri

Hello readers, it has been a long time! Currently got triggered to write a post, yeah despite the facts that im going to sit for 3 more killer papers this week! Alhamdulillah, already in my 4th semester in veterinary medicine, UPM. Alhamdulillah ya Allah, you know looking back, ive been through a lot, there were multiple seasons in my life that brought me to where im standing now, eventhough my journey ahead is quite unknown and blurry for sometimes, it is okay, that is what supposedly we should do...keep carry on! The mysterious part is always the best, exciting and also some parts of me are quite timid and soooo there is anxiety! But the thrill is always, always worth it.

Looking back, way way back. I've graduated from Sekolah Seri Puteri, the most elite girls school in 2011. Batch of Eldaterra (2007/2011). Yeah you may say im a bit arrogant and showing off haha i swear im not! It has already 4 years since i left that school and I miss that phase. Phase in your life that you have nothing to worry. Where your worries were all about:
  1. I havent washed my laundry
  2. I havent finished Cikgu Asyira punya addmaths homework!
  3. SSP drama 1 (kawan curi makanan)
  4. SSP drama 2 (kawan sorok makanan, lepastu cakap takde)
  5. Getting out late and nama kena ambik, kena cubit perut dengan cikgu disiplin
  6. Havent call mom
  7. Running out of food stocks! Im dying
  8. Peer pressures: they were freaking hardworking while on weekends i frequently lying back on my bed and dreaming.
  9. Did not bring my fork and spoon
  10. Staying cool and macho in front the juniors 
In ssp there were days of me being the most mischievous, you know during the holy month of Ramadhan there will be tadarus al quran going on dekat surau, instead, I skipped and i made my way to bangunan lab comp, yeah located at the highest building. Well I always imagine SSP is some kind of hogwarts! I imagined things! Magically because thats what i was, and still am! Okay, we had plans earlier, always to be this prepared to make sure that lab comp by hook or by crook unlocked! Eventhough dah locked, we will always try the best to make sure it to be unlocked! Well, geniuses we were! I swear to you we were making our journey to that lab comp as if we were in the middle to ambush a very high security area, move likka ninja and swift likka wind, unseen and unheard. Like well, our court basketball are like mashaallah very terbuka and hostile so easy to be spotted by damn skema punya prefects! Hahaha come on admit it, we were all in same side yeah, prefects are meant to be our most-must-avoid-enemies!

Okay another one, DK, oh god that area was my favorite during english classes where you can slipped down and pretend you were not there and continue sleeping, the best place to camouflage yourself yeah? The aircond never fails me! There was one time where me and best buddy, Hanani, oh god you will never believe, we did roll over from the upper stairs to downstairs and stop in the middle of the chairs, hiding, and there you go, shooting scenes taking over and we played dead. Like ohhhh im dying. Hahahha it was fun, seriously. Its like we're in a world, untouched, sincere, genuine fun and filled with laughters alongside your best buddies.You know, thats the phase where we were like being pause by the real world :) And we had crazy fun, innocently fun.

Our mischievousness did not stop there, there were lots to tell! Mostly during our senior years, thats the year 2011, where we were all act like ohmygod "we are super seniors!' after all these 'torturing' years in avoiding scary seniors. well actually they are not scary they're just taking the role "we are super seniors! All hail us!" ahhah well that what we did, we made everything like we owned that school. We want to make sure juniors looked at us and said "oh my there are so cool, their clan is the most coolest clan" yeap that whats happening back there. We have clans.

Cool clans, prefect clans, nerd clans, emo clans, gedik clans, gossip-know-it-all clans, lots-of-title-clans and the list go on. 
well when i was in lower form, these clans are scattered. Since in my junior year, we dont really miggle with other houses (OH MY GOD DONT YOU FEEL LIKE WE WERE HOUSED ACCORDING TO GRYFINDORS SLYTHERIN bla bla) yeahhhhh. 
Oh yeah, I belonged to a clan that shutting everyone around and have pure enjoyment and be in our own world, you know we cared less and compete to be the best. Eventhough i did failed Cikgu Azanah punya kelas KH, (I dont want to tell about this, because thats freaking hilarious anything about cikgu azanah punya kelas haha)

Well everything was memorable and for me i just want to preserve the memories, and thats why im here, recording and relocating the memories. (Oh my dia macam tiba tiba terimbau balik so why not i write one yeah?)

So i know juniors are still looking up on us because we made history in being 1st place in both PMR (2007) and SPM (2011) because i encountered my juniors during my visit to Istana Budaya and when I mentioned that "Hei I eldaterra 11/7!" there there the excitement was there! Haha okay cut it off maria.

Well actually, i was about to inspire SSPians, doesnt matter what year you are currently in now. Please, have fun, enjoy yourlife. be mischievious! So that years later when you meet up with your bestfriends after graduated, you're gonna chat all night long, laughing reminiscing the days you currently have one. So write good ones, be positives and  yyeah it is advisable to avoid any relationships. HAHAHAH seriously girls! There is tons good gentlemen you're gonna meet after you graduated. Remember my advice: to meet good people, you're gonna he at good places, build friendship and trust and you might find your soulmates. Well get it? For now, just have fun, like come on! You are in all-girls-school and you have the craziest friends with craziest plans like hell to make fun of someone, to skip class, to skip preparation classes! Just go for it! Have fun with your comrades! Make memories because someday you guys gonna make history!

Remember, Eldaterra's got a very top secret principle to be the most successful batch, and you can do so! Remember i mentioned, we had small scattered clans when we were in lower form? Yeah our trick was, we joined together, we gathered these small-unique-personalities-clans and bonded to be ONE. We helped each other. We broke the barrier of kelas PU and kelas T and kelas E,R,I. We are sisters, we look for each other and be there. That's it, the spirit of sisterhood. thats our secret, girls. Love your friends and gain trusts. These mutual friendships gonna offer you big time! 
Haha yeah,you see, all along the worries/scenes/dramas were all innocently cute compared to what each and everyone of us now facing. The intensities are more severe, serious and all make us moving to be more mature and look to the real world and snap us from the world we thought gonna be good. But dont worry peeps, stay strong and believe in yourselves! Have faith!



Vetsport 2014, I couldnt ask for more because what I currently have, is a blessing. 



SPCA, Ampang

It was another blazing hot Thursday, we went to Ampang to come and visit these unfortunate canines and felines. We volunteered ourselves to take care of their welfare for a day. It was pretty amazing to see how they tried real hard to get your attentions, and most of them are playful enough to make you sweat. For your information, these animals got abandoned or rescued are now safely situated in SPCA Ampang, waiting for you to adopt them anytime! Most of them got spayed and castrated by veterinarian already, so they'll surely be the most loyal companion friend for you. Just perfect. All along, you are highly recommended to adopt any felines or canines in animal shelter. Anyways, I had a great day volunteering with my comrades and the feelings? Fantastic! Crossing one of my wishlists!


Post New Year post.

Hi again, em I still tak puas so I have to write more and more, haha look I've been writing, reporting and recording events of my life since 2008 in this blog, and look as I grow older I seldomly write about me myself and I, so that explains why I keep losing myself in the middle of everything. Writing is like talking to myself, so for me it is considered as self-therapy. Loooook, I dont want to be kacang melupakan kulit but I actually only wrote 7 posts on 2013? That is unforgivable Maria! No wonder you're lost these days. Ever since the day when they chanted "Happy New Year" in welcoming 2014, I've been a bit moody thinking that I am no longer teenager, for these past year I celebrated my birthday with that magical 'teen' spell, (Seven-teen, eight-teen, nine-teen) and they are all sweet-x-teen. But not this year, noooooo. Can I just pretend im twen-teen, hm it sounds not bad after all. The fact that Im entering adulthood is ridiculous. People started to change to be more mature in they way they speak, walk, interact, eat — just in everything. Im still in the middle of searching my character, searching myself and getting what is right or wrong. But I will never again lose myself, not this year. I wrote my resolutions in my diary (Well I do have diary, so what?) but not going to share everything, just few. Im planning to get good grades on every exams, and plan to be more mature and positive thinker. Heh, i dont have any special resolutions, just very common ones. All along, I hope 2014 will be fantastic, Inshaallah. Mwah have a great day everyone.


I decided to write more here, well in order for my family members (who keep tracking me on social networks) to stalk my university life, so here it is, lol. Well as you all know Im having soft spots in both equine and elephants. 

Meet Mr. Kicap everybody! My favorite! Our first meeting was a bit nerve-wrecking, because I was extremely scared to meet this strong built fella that very huge, my heart was beating incredibly fast. Lol I may sound cheesy but at that moment, I fell in love with this fella, i can feel the chemistry when we look into each other eyes. It sounds so geeky, lol it does. Okay whatever, I was mesmerized with those big black-brownish eyes that stare into my soul. For me horses are elegant, and I wish to be a horse-whisperer, and of course I still dont have any pictures taken with elephant but I will. . .one day, and Im looking forward that day. 

First post of 2014

I've been away for awhile now, because finally I have time to actually write something here. I found myself to be so awkward when I read back all my posts here. Anyways, Im back and ready to tell whatever I should tell you. Im currently finished with my first semester of veterinary medicine and now having a relaxing semester break with friends and family. Well I didnt go far for holidays because I need to save some for my practical, tehee, will be heading to Pulau Orang Utan, in Perak on February 2nd. And a week after my practical, I will straight away register myself for the second semester. That is the reason why every penny counts. LOL. Whatever it may be, I'll just look forward to it, positively.
Anyways last-last-last Thursday, I went to Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil to witness myself the greatness of our powerful one and only badminton player, Datuk Lee Chong Wei! To my surprise that was his very last game and dont you think Im fortunate enough to finally being able to attend his final game! Kudos man, KUDOS! 

And yeah of course victory was Chong Wei's, he defeated Du Pengyu from China. Nice game nice people and I had a very nice Friday. 


Hello Earthlings, Im Maria, will be invading my own space with my own picture. A bit narcissist, I know 

Hong Kong Travelog (Tips and Tricks)

Hello there, I've been to Hong Kong for 4 days. All along, I've gathered many useful tricks for those who wish to survive there. As for the starter, all you need is the octopus card.                                  image
You need this card, and all your journey will be easier, purchase this card before you leave the Hong Kong International Airport. With this card you will be riding MTR and Tram. As for me, my destination was at Wan Chai passing Kowloon. (TIPS: Purchase this card at the airport counter, dont take the octopus card offered on plane. This card only cost you HKD 150, HKD 50 deposit, and you can reload this card at any MTR station and at any 7 Eleven stores)

And the next critical thing that you need to purchase is the Traveler's Sim Card, remember when you touchdown at the airport, make sure to rush to Level 7 and you may find a '1010 store' and state that you want a sim card for travellers, and the workers there will assist you from A to Z. I purchased the HKD 88 sim card, which gave me 7 days unlimited internet subscription. (TRICKS: Be careful not to be tricked from other store that located somewhere level 5 which offer you HKD 288 sim card that have the exact service as the one I purchased at 1010 store)
TIPS: If you are travelling in group and you think you need to access internet, plus you really need to save your budget; just purchase only one traveler's sim card and then tether to your members by setting your hotspot connection.To muslims, at the Hong Kong International Airport, you may find Halal Food served at Popeye.

May this entry helps you.

I'm a vet-to-be

Hello readers, it has been a very long time since the last story wrote in this blog. Please accept my apology. I have a good news that I wanted to share with all my readers and my intention to write and express my happiness in this blog had always been delayed for certain reason.

I am officially a medic student! Alhamdulillah. Will continue my degree in Medicine of Veterinary for 5 years and I hope everything goes as planned.

Hong Kong